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The most popular inverters in the world!
2 Row Inverter
2 Row Model
(For 30" - 40" Row Patterns)
4 Row Inverter
4 Row Models
(Models available for 30" - 40" Row Patterns)
6 Row Inverter
6 Row Models
(Models available for 30" - 40" Row Patterns)
8 Row Ridgid Inverter
8 Row Rigid Frame Models
(Models available for 30" - 40" Row Patterns)
Flex Inverter
Flex Inverter Models
  • Designed for rough and rolling terrain
  • Available in 4 and 6 row models
  • Hydraulic only
  • Used in terraced terrain
  • Each windrow floats independently
  • 36-38 inch row spacing only

Digger Shaker Inverter Options:
Belt Drive Conveyor
  • Wears longer resulting in reducing down time and saving on replacement costs of chains, rattler bars, and sprockets
  • Smaller diameter idler on bottom shaft gives a gentler pickup resulting in yield savings
  • Surrounds peanuts on all sides with vines by turning peanuts inboard rather than straight up
  • Vines dry before the peanuts resulting in better separation in the combine
  • Recommended only for sandy soils, level ground, and hotter climates
  • Optional Firmer/Roller provides smooth level surface for vines

Shown with optional Firmer/Roller
28" Frog
(For Twin Row Peanuts)
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