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KMC Poultry House Cleaners are designed for efficient litter management in poultry houses. All models can be used to remove caked material and to sift smaller particles back to the floor. With the use of optional total cleanout plates, all models can be used to total clean a house, removing large and small particles. Standard height models have a larger tank capacity and are provided for use in houses that can accommodate the taller working height. Low profile models have less tank capacity and are provided for use in houses that cannot accommodate the taller working height. Floor chain unload models unload the tank without tilting the bed and can be equipped with the optional spreader attachment for growers who have a need to spread litter or compost. The dump bed model cannot be equipped with the optional spreader attachment and is provided for growers who simply want a quick dump in a compost shed. Heavy duty models are provided for customers who desire the heavier duty components with which these models are equipped. The table below will assist in determining the KMC model Poultry House Cleaner that will best serve a particular poultry grower.

Available Models
PHC 4250
PHC 4250LP
PHC 4260


Model Specifications



Working Height

Tank Capacity

4250 Heavy Duty Floor Chain 76" 165 cu/ft
4250LP Heabv Duty Floor Chain 66" 135 cu/ft
4260D Heavy Duty Dump Bed 72" 170 cu/ft

Features for all Models
  • Manual pivoting Tongue for cleaning closer to walls.
  • Sift.
  • Leveling conveyor for uniform distribution in tank.
  • Hydraulic pump connected to tractor PTO.
  • Hydraulic cylinder depth adjustment.
  • Single 12.5L x 16 Wheels.
  • All motors mounted inboard for side clearance.
  • Larger and stronger sifter and leveler chains.
  • Re-enforced leveler bars.
  • 1 1/2" dia. sifter and leveler shafts.
  • Larger sifter and leveler motors .
  • Re-enforced feeder reel.
  • 12 ply tires.
Features unique to floor chain Models 
  • Gate for metering litter when spreading.
  • Floor chain unload.
  • Available on all models.
    • Walking Tandem Wheels (9.5L x 15)
    • Total Cleanout.
  • Available on floor chain unload models only.
    • Spreader
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