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6900 Series Rip Roller
6900 Series Rip Roller 6900 Series Rip Roller
6900 Series Rip Roller 6900 Series Rip Roller
The 6900 Series Rip Roller is the ideal implement for breaking the hardpan all the way across the width of the implement, and leveling the surface in heavy crop residue conditions while leaving the surface with an undisturbed appearance.   Requires approximately 25-40 HP per shank depending on depth and soil conditions
Key Features 
  • Resdiue Cutting Coulters:  One directly in front of each Ripper Shank 
  • Ripper Shanks:  Reset on the Go or Toggle Trip
  • Leveling Roller(s):  Trials behind the shanks to provide a firm, level seed bed for fall cover crops or spring row crops.  Includes scraper kit
  • Main Frame
    • 4x7 inch hitch bar, 7x7x inch main bar and 4x4x roller tool bar
    • 37 inches of vertical clearance under the main tool bar
  • Hitches

    Hitch Type

     7 Shank Rigid 9 Shank Rigid 11 Shank RIgid 13 Shank Rigid
    CAT II-3 PT X      
    CAT II-QC X      
    CAT IV-NQC     X X
  • Ripper Shanks:
    • Reset on the Go and Toggle Trip with 6000 pounds of trip force
    • One inch width
    • High-strength, abrasion resistant steel
    • Reversible wear shin protected
    • Breaks the hard pan at depths to 18 inches
    • 18 inch spacing provides broadcast break up of hard pan
    • Alternating, staggered arrangement provides residue flow
    • Mounted directly behind and in line with each Residue Cutting Coulter
  • Leveling Roller(s)
    • 12 3/4" diameter, steel, cleated.  Significantly more cleats than competitive models to provide a better seed bed
    • Mounted from the 7x7 inch tool bar with vertically adjustable roller reach arms.  Ratcheting turnbuckles provide easy adjustment
    • Rigid (non-spring loaded) vertical adjustment puts all of the weight of the implement plus the suction force of the Ripper Shanks on the Leveleing Rollers to provide a firm level surface
    • FIrm and level soil at depths of 12" to 18"
  • Breaks the hardpan in fall or early spring allowing water and nutrients for use by winter cover crops and spring row crops. 
  • Helps prevent runoff and erosion. 
  • Gives cover crops a growth advantage. 
  • In many cases eliminates the need for sub soiling under the row at time of planting. 
  • Levels the surface in preparation for spring planting. 

Available Models


7 Shank 5,400 lbs
9 Shank 6,500 lbs
11 Shank 7,700 lbs
13 Shank 9,300 lbs
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