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6000 Series Stack Fold Bars
6000 Series Stack Fold Bar The 6000 Series Stack Fold Bar utilizes double bar solid welded construction with 7" x 7" main tool bar and 7" x 4" front truss bar tied together with welded lap joint braces. The folding super structure is straddled above the tool bar and utilizes a solid welded center anchor for the wing pivot member and the adjustable leveleing bar.  The loveleing bar adjusts the angle of the wing to the center section.  When in the field position, the fron truss bar of the wing and center section are locked tohether with a wide span, pin and cable design that locks the wing to the center section virtually eleminating the possibility of tool bar failuer at the stack break point.  12(36-40) and 16(30) bars have an even wider, pin and double cradle design.  12 and 16 row hitches are CAT III and IVN.  All hydraulic cylinders and plumbing are standard equipment, adn hydraulics cylinders are 5 x 24" stroke (12 & 16 row) for more than adequate force for floding and supporting heavy wing row components.

Available Models for Disc Bedding

Model #

Description Length Center Wing Transport Width
68-082-005 12 Row 30 368" 201 1/2" 83 1/4" 220"
68-082-002 12 Row 36-40 and 16 row 30" 490" 257" 116 1/2" 306"

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