KMC Advantage


Kelley Manufacturing Advantage

KMC is an ESOP Company. It is 100% employee owned.

KMC has been a leader for over 50 years in the designing and manufacturing of innovative, dependable farm equipment.

KMC introduced the first 4-row and 6-row Peanut Inverter and first 4-row and 6-row Peanut Combine.

KMC is a leader in providing Poultry House Equipment.

KMC is a world leader in the development of Peanut Harvesting Equipment.

KMC is a leader in the development and manufacturing of Tillage and Cultivating equipment.

KMC has a farm where it grows row crops.  This farm is used by our Engineers to develop and test new equipment.

Our Farms

KMC's product line is complete in that we build equipment for every phase of the farming process - from initial ground preparation through the field cleanup after harvest. Specializing in peanut harvesting, tillage, and poultry cleanout equipment, KMC offers a wide range of products to their customers. KMC employs some of the top engineers and specialists in the manufacturing process. All products are built in house at our manufacturing facility located in Tifton, Georgia. Each piece of KMC equipment is designed with the farmer’s needs in mind, ensuring a top quality implement that will produce top quality results.