Unload-On-The-Go Peanut Combine

Unload-On-The-Go Peanut Combine




Key Features:

  • Tank raises hydraulically providing easy access to threshing cylinders
  • Vertically folding conveyor arm folds compactly against the tank for stability during transport
  • Wider conveyor belts provide fast unloading
  • More tank capacity (3 1/4 tons) for more efficient use of Dump Carts
  • Steeper angle on tank panels for better off load in wet conditions
  • Stronger hydraulic motors

Unload a full basket in approximately two minutes without stopping!

Designed for 6 Row Models!


Depth (Front – Back): 110″

Tank Width: (Side-Side): 144″

Tank Height: 67″

Tank Capacity: 350 cu ft

Overall Conveyor Length: 319″

Conveyor Arm Length: 160″